Countless new beauty products enter the market every day and many "natural" lifestyle stores are coming up as people have begun to realize that natural is good. At such times, knowing what is really good for your body can be confusing. Our first ingredient is knowledge!

The first step of any good skincare rituals starts with knowledge. You outta know before you glow. Read. Know what you are putting on your body. Listen to your skin. Because no one knows your skin better than you.

We strive for a perfect fusion between ancient knowledge and modern technology to offer you a wholesome, elegant, and lavish experience.



Live every day, bloom every day. In today’s fast-paced world, we all thrive to do more, and be more. Who has got time to invest in beauty routine that would steal a chunk of time from our already packed day? Worry no more. Declutter and simplify your skincare regime with our multitasking unisex products. Less ingredients, less clutter, fewer steps means more time doing the things you love. Go for formulas your skin wants minus what it does not.

Our organic products work harder to give you the skin of your dream. They are all hybrids that are multi-functional and diverse just like you. For example the product to hydrate skin also primes it for the perfect makeup. CLEAR, the first product launch naturally moisturizes and nourishes hair and skin making it the ideal leave-in beard treatment as well.

Moreover, it also blooms into a silky, makeup remover even for the most stubborn makeup, dirt, oil, or impurities leaving behind a radiant, youthful glow and compliments.




72 (HAUTOTIN) is a reminder that no matter what a task we have at our hand, our unique delivery system provides long moisture up to 72 hours. Don’t forget to see 72 on your label reminding you of the unique skin-identical carbohydrate complex working to bind to the skin like a magnet.

Unlike other ingredients, this luscious and rich cream connects perfectly with skin’s natural defense system preventing further hydration. Calming, soothing and hydrating, 72 is 100% natural and plant derived. If your skin needs a whack of moisturizer, look no further, we have got you covered.



72 face & body moisturizer contains multi-level Hyaluronic Acid, plant-based Squalene and glycerin to give your skin an instant and sustained hydration and cell renewal without weighing it down. This simple and soothing lotion is formulated to maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier, keeping it hydrated up to 72 hours.

Soft, non-irritating and full of organic goodness, its non-greasy formula promises to promote firmness, elasticity and density while targeting to leave skin soft, supple and fresh. Talk about a multi-tasker.