Unisex Body Products Are The Next Big Thing

Till now, the beauty and grooming industry has mostly targeted women. However, Social Medias like Instagram and YouTube has helped men’s grooming habits to emerge. And more and more products for men’s personal care are flooding the market.

But as the market analysis firm ‘Future Thinking’ has revealed, nearly a third of British men would buy cosmetics if they were marketed as genderless. (Sarah Parsons, 2018).

Many male brands depend on man celebrities like sports celebrities like David Beckham or superstars. Thanks to the stigma of buying beauty products, 41% of 18-24-year-olds stated they would be more inclined to adopt a body or face care routines if the marketing was genderless.

As per the latest research from the Asian market, metrosexualization of younger men is leading to rising demand for unisex cosmetic products.

And hence, between the fast rise of male personal care and the traditional woman's beauty products, a new trend is developing – that of unisex beauty products for both the genders.


 “Men are increasingly turning to products originally formulated for women to address their skincare needs. Borrowing, stealing - and even buying - the unisex beauty crossover is boosting sales and indicating a changing male attitude to grooming.”
-  Alexander Fury


While beauty may be all about you, today it is not necessarily all about your sex. If you look back, many fragrance brands were already launching unisex products. Founder of brands Atelier Bloem and Malin + Goetz Andrew Goetz mentioned that this actually goes back to the roots of perfume where fragrances were made to be worn by both men and women.

When we are discussing unisex cosmetics, let’s not forget that men are borrowing their wives and girlfriends’ beauty products like moisturizer since decades.

Do you think the skin have a gender? The beauty industry has produced countless products to convince us of that fact, and it has also given birth to men’s grooming products. But it is not the case. Yes, a man’s skin is physiologically different from women. Men have a higher sebum content, and thicker, hairier, oilier skin. But at the end of the day, both genders are looking for the same thing – Healthy looking skin! And hence today’s beauty products are not created per the gender type but by the specific need and skin benefits. 



As the “old-fashioned” skin care shopper is evolving, the skin care industry is not the one to be left behind. They are growing right along with it. As a result, we are seeing the rise of more and more gender-neutral skin care brands today. They have brought a big shift in the beauty industry. Across the globe, gender-neutral beauty brands are being encouraged and welcomed for their innovative unisex skincare approach. HAUTO is one of such brands who has moved away from gender biases. We view each individual as an entity apart from their gender. We want to make you feel great about your skin, regardless of your age or gender. Our products utilize an abundance of beautiful botanicals, antioxidants and essential oils supporting the gender-neutrality skin rituals.


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