The Rise Of Gender Neutral Skincare Products

Since the olden times, the desire to have a youthful, glowing and flawless skin is in demand. As per one report, the anti-aging sector accounts for 42 percent of the total beauty industry sales (Beatrice, 2015).

But until lately, most of the skin care brands marketed products toward women. The entire beauty industry relied on gendered marketing. It offered completely specialized and different products for men and women. Many companies offered a woman's beauty products in the delicate and feminine shades of pastel. These products often featured floral patterns and a sexually suggestive name. While men products labeled as ‘FOR MEN’, featured a color scheme of blues, blacks and grays. They often portrayed the macho or strong masculine image.

But many skin care brands have understood that by creating gender designed products, they are supporting the binary categorization. Moreover, such criteria restrict them to reach to a larger audience.


“Invest in your skin. It is going to be with you for a long time."
-  Linden Tyler


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Today the whole world is moving away from old-style gender stereotypes and expectations. As described by Joseph Grigsby, VP of global marketing for Lab Series, "Men are no longer the only breadwinners. Gender roles are starting to blend. We’re seeing a convergence of masculine and feminine ideals." With regard to this new view of gender diversity, crafting gendered-specific products is rigid and outdated.

Yes, the masculine and feminine skin are a little different. Males have a 25% thicker skin. Their skin texture is different and their skin produce more sebum. They have a higher collagen density (HL). But it doesn’t mean that both genders can’t benefit from the similar skin care products. Beauty products can’t know the gender of the skin. A man with a dry skin can also use a product that treats dryness in a woman’s skin. 

Moreover, today’s men are aware about suitable skin care. Socially too, a man taking care of his skin is no longer looked with a raised eyebrow anymore. Once considered only for women, today people sense Skin care for men is important, too. There has been a generational shift on how urban men relate to skincare. The millennial working with influential women no longer symbolize beauty rituals as femininity. Rather, they see it as a symbol of success and self-love.



As the “old-fashioned” skin care shopper is evolving, the skin care industry is not the one to be left behind. They are growing right along with it. As a result, we are seeing the rise of more and more gender-neutral skin care brands today. They have brought a big shift in the beauty industry. Across the globe, gender-neutral beauty brands are being encouraged and welcomed for their innovative unisex skincare approach. HAUTO is one of such brands who have moved away from gender biases. We view each individual as an entity apart from their gender. We want to make you feel great about your skin, regardless of your age or gender. Our products utilize an abundance of beautiful botanicals, antioxidants and essential oils supporting the gender-neutrality skin rituals.


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