Difference Between Organic and Natural Skin Care

With soaring pollution levels across the globe, many of us have taken a conscious decision to go green for the wellbeing of mind, body, and soul. The same applies to the beauty routine as well. In the last few decades, the skincare industry has seen a surprisingly high boom with unrefined and farming based spinoffs, conquering the entire market. The rising spree of the glam cosmetics with nature-conscious tags, different buzzwords, and labels makes it hard to understand if the compelling and alluring brands are as green as they claim.

Most of the brands use a plethora of industry terminology including ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ care. We too often use these terms interchangeably. Though this gives an impression of an advertising strategy or a camouflage where similar embellishing creams and lotions are wrapped differently to attract the buyers, it is not true. As a nature lover, one must not fall prey to the whirlpool of earthly and crude yields ruling the world of cosmetics.

Instead, before you make your next buy, give it a thought and analyze if the tantalizing logos are worth the splurge. Before you bet on these unpolished creams sourced from nature, familiarize yourself with the jargon – Organic and Natural.  Strict laws rule the production houses that wish to be in the business. Thus, while the gap is assumed to be just a regulation control, it has more to it.

Here’s a little know-how that can help you find out how natural and organic skin care differs from each other.

The term ‘Organic’ majorly refers to the outcome that evolves out of farming.  Such products must meet various strict criteria. Basically, no defoliants, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics or growth hormones are involved while reaping harvests tagged as ‘Organic’. These are severely standardized and follow stringent guidelines when under modus operandi.

The unprocessed organic ingredients should be grown without harmful preservatives and pesticides. Similarly, the concentration levels of the unpolished material put to use should be very high. Only then will an aftermath creation fall under the umbrella of such goods. Usually, the presence of a bud logo helps in verifying skincare range from the bedecked categories at your display.

While more and more people are waking up to the horror of discovering their skincare products might be full of health-ruining and climate-damaging chemicals, including but not limited to even cancer, being mindful of what you lay on your skin is pretty important now.

One can go through the list attached on the rear side of the packing and find out if the cosmetics or the product has any harsh or hormone-disrupting chemicals. Unfortunately, the cosmetics industry is still not regulated the way drug or the food sector is. Hence before picking any creams and lotions, it’s wise to check if they are cleaner beauty merchandises or not.

Natural skincare products derive their by-products from nature, as the name suggests. Be it plants, animals, minerals or any other form of the biosphere. Nonetheless, the operational processing can change the avatar of these resources during extraction. So you must tally the elements that go into the packet to confirm your cherished natural skin products get certified by a well-known authority.

Usually the natural cosmetics don’t contain paraben, sulfates, and other synthesizers that damage the integrity of the final result. They are processed under fair directions from the authorities.

The bottom line is, go through the listed components to escape false marketing. Be it Organic or Natural cosmetics, both have constituents from the surroundings and thus results in perplex. There are industries that claim pure goods yet use components that are unsafe.

Examine the ingredient list and google it if you don’t like what you see. Several Apps also aid you to check what is safe and what’s not. On the contrary, many small-scale establishments deal in 100% organic and Natural skin care products but lack certification. Try stuff you are sure of and go green to guard your health and atmosphere from the chemicals. As a buyer don’t take chances with your skin care products!



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